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Hello, Friends Welcome to another article of the Bootstrap 4 tutorials. In this article, I will present Bootstrap 4 Buttons. I will show you all the buttons of bootstrap 4 with one by one separated examples. This one is very easy to use for developers and also for beginners. In this tutorial, if you got any questions in your mind then you can ask me any time in the bottom comment box. Also if you found any error in your personal projects then also ask me I will solve these. Here we have a comment box just and just for solving your questions and learn something new. So, Use this facility maximum. This will also help Beginners. Let’s get start bootstrap 4 buttons.

Here in Bootstrap 4, we have many buttons with many colors and many sizes. This will vary impressive if you use it in your projects and lightweight also. And one of the biggest features is that you can use many buttons together and if you want to use a separate button then also you can. bootstrap provides 5 to 7 different colors for buttons with color signs.

How to Use Bootstrap 4 Buttons

Bootstrap is a front-end framework that is used with HTML. Here, We can use buttons with some tags of HTML. Like anchor Tag, Button Tag, Input Tag as well many other tags. This will comfortable with all the tags of HTML and HTML5. You don’t believe guys but this is very easy to implement on any tags. You just have to use class and write a button class name that you want to use. First, we will see the common examples of buttons for how to use and how to write in tags.

How to use Bootstrap 4 Button in Anchor Tag

Mostly, Anchor tag is used to put a link in texts. this will redirect one page to another page or one website to another website. This is HTML’s common tag that uses for very commonly. You can see any websites anchor tag will use in all the websites. This will helps also for SEO. When you use anchor tag there no attractive design appears in common HTML. For that Bootstrap come with attractive button designs.

Commonly, the syntax of the anchor tag is <a herf=” Here a link where you want to redirect user”> Here your text Which Seen</a>. Now we will see how to use the bootstrap 4 buttons in the anchor tag. you just have to add a class in this anchor tag with btn name. like <a herf=”#” class=”btn”>Click on Button</a> Now your button is ready with Anchor tag. btn is the class to use a simple button. If you want to create a more designed button then you have to use another class with .btn class. .btn class is common for all the button class. These we will see at the bottom. but now see the simple button with anchor tag example.


NOTE: When you can use this example for your practice then make sure your bootstrap 4 is installed. Otherwise, this will look like a simple anchor tag only. Same as you can use this with Button Tag and Input Tag.

Now, we can see all the buttons with different colors and see how to use these buttons with separated colors. and how this will look with a simple and easy example.

Buttons with their Colors

Here we have 8 to 9 colors for buttons. Same we colors we have used in Bootstrap 4 Tables in previous Post. These all the colors are we can use in buttons also but here we have to use other classes for that. If we can talk about colors then we have many colors in this. Let’s see the table of colors for buttons and their Indicates.

Class NameColor Indicates
.btn-primaryBlue An important action
.btn-warningOrange A warning that might need attention
.btn-infoLight blue A neutral informative change or action
.btn-successGreenA successful or positive action
.btn-danger Red A dangerous or potentially negative action
This will show simple link.
.btn-lightLight greyLight grey table or table row background
.btn-darkDark greyDark grey table or table row background
.btn-secondaryGreyA slightly less important action

These all the classes use for these colors and indicators. Now Let see the example of these colors.


Outline Buttons of Bootstrap 4

In this outlining method of buttons. we can use buttons with a simple outline. You can use all the colors for your design with outline buttons. But, there is no background of Buttons. Let’s see the example of outline buttons.

For making your buttons outlined you have to use just .btn-outline-*. This will make your button very impressive with the outlines. Using this class you can make your buttons with all the colors which bootstrap provide for coloring.


You can also use another classes of Bootstrap 4. With these classes if you want to make more attractive. There is no limitation of classes. For example .text-white class use with btn-outline-link class.

Button Group of Bootstrap 4

Here you can group many buttons together. If you want all the buttons with only one background or joined design then the button group is very useful for you. In this case, all the buttons are joined together. Let’s see the example of the Bootstrap 4 button group.


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** Conclusion **

I hope you have understood the concept of Buttons in Bootstrap 4. But, If you want to know more about bootstrap 4 buttons and have any kind of questions then don’t be hesitated. I am here just for you. Comment bellow your question and also you can contact me from the contact us page. I will respond to you within 8 hours. with your problem solutions.

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