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Bootstrap 4 modal is like a popup. You can open your content in a well-designed popup using a bootstrap modal. Basically, Bootstrap 4 modal based on javascript. Because this will work using javascript. So in this tutorial, we will learn all the things of modal with very easy and separated examples.

Sometimes need to open data in popup container with different designs and contents. At that time this will too much helpfull. If you are going to create a custom modal then this will very time affordable. But, Bootstrap provides modals with easy methods. We have to just use classes and our modal will be done.

Here we have many modals with different buttons and methods. Like you can use only the cancel button modal, you can use ok and cancel button modal. don’t worry about that I will show all the methods with examples. So let’s do start.

Due to HTML5, the autofocus attribute of HTML will not effect in bootstrap modals. If you are getting this problem then you have to put some extra javascript code in your footer. I have given this code at the bottom.

Simple Bootstrap 4 Modal with buttons

In this example, we will see a simple bootstrap 4 modal with close and save changes buttons and some texts. so let’s see the example.


Scrolling Bootstrap 4 Modal

If you want an extraordinary popup/dropbox than this is better for you. Here bootstrap provides a scrolling effect on dropbox. When you will click of dropbox then this will one like a scrolling effect. This will look good.

Keep in mind, Sometimes this effect does not show in a dropbox that has little data. I mean to say that this will look proper in a dropbox which have the largest data for the show in popup.


Vertically Centered Modal of Bootstrap 4

In this case, A model will open in the center by the vertical size of your device. This will show in the proper center. We have seen the last two examples these are not opening in the center, but here we will see this new effect. let’s see the example of bootstrap 4 vertically centered modal.

Here all the contents are just the same. You have to add only one new class .modal-dialog-centered. This will make your popup/dropbox in the center of your vertical screen.


Optional sizes of Bootstrap 4 Modal

Here you can customize the size of the modal. If you want to open modal in small size then you can and if you want your modal in large size then this will also available.

We will see two examples one is for large screen and another is for medium screen size. So let’s see the example.


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** Conclusion **

I hope you had enjoyed my this bootstrap 4 model tutorial. This will help you too much. For more, if you have questions then you can ask me in the bottom comment box.

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