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Professionally, I am a web and Graphic designer with lots of experience in the web designing field. Also, I am an interviewer. I had taken too many interviews in my designer journey. Do you want to crack any kind of web design interview/HTML interview? Here we have a collection of some very important HTML interview question which will help you very much.

Sometimes you have very much knowledge, but while you face interviewer then you don’t have answers to some questions. For cracking any IT interview you should know programming as well theoretical.

Today, I will share some very important HTML interview question which every web designer should know before the interview. Read all the questions with focus and keep all the HTML interview question in your brain. So, without wasting your time. let’s get started.

Q-1: What is HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) and what is it used for? or What does HTML mean?

HTML is the short name of Hypertext Markup Language. This one is first developed by Tim Berners-Lee. HTML is a language for users to build web pages and web applications accessed on the internet. The code was developed down the WWW(World Wide Web) in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Every page contains a series of connected to another page called hyperlinks. One of the amazing facts, Each web pages that you see on the internet is written using HTML. May be possible every version will differ.

HTML is nothing, This is just code ensures the proper formatting of text, images, videos, and other contents. That will help you to display your content in a proper look on the internet or browser. Without HTML, a browser will not show your data properly. because the browser would not know how to display text as elements or load images or other elements. This will also provide you with a basic structure of the page, and CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) help you to change its appearance.

Commonly used HTML tags

Here we have some common tags which will mostly use in every web pages to show proper data on web pages:

<h1>: H1 describes a top-level heading.
<h2>: which describes a second-level heading.
<p>: p tag describes a paragraph.
<table>: This is described as tabular data.
<ol>: Describes an ordered list of information.

Q-2: What year was the first HTML introduced?

The first version of HTML was introduced in 1993. Since then, there are many versions of HTML available. At that time most widely used version throughout the 2000s was HTML version 4.0, Which one became an official standard in December of 1999.

Q-3: Who is the author of HTML?

Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee(Tim Berners-Lee)is the author of HTML. He is also known as TimBL. He is a computer scientist and academic, with the assistance of his colleagues at CERN, an international scientific organization based in Geneva. Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989/1990 at CERN.

Q-4: What is the meaning of markup in HTML?

This is also a very important HTML Interview Question, A markup language is a language that describes text so that the computer can manipulate that text. most of the markup languages are human-readable because the annotations are written in a way to distinguish them text itself. For example, with HTML, XML, and XHTML, the markup tags are < and >. Let’s see the example of this:

In the example, we have used the P tag. which will be opening before the texts and closed after the texts. This can open and closed using “less than” and “Greater than” symbols. These are the part of the markup. in actual in the browser, we will see only (This is a paragraph of text that is written in HTML.) texts.

When you format text to be displayed on a computer or other device screen, you need to distinguish between the text itself and the instructions for the text. The “markup” is the reference for showing or printing the text.

Markup doesn’t have to be computer-readable. Usually, we can see annotations in prints or books are also considered as a markup. For example, many students in the school will highlight certain phrases in their textbooks. That’s mean the highlighted code is more important than the surrounding texts. The color of highlights considered as markup. This is what markup in HTML.

Q-5: What is a nest in HTML? or What Does It Mean to Nest HTML Tags?

Every day, we are asking this question to our candidates in the HTML interview. Now, I will teach you in the easiest way how to understand nesting is to think of HTML tags as boxes that hold your content. Your content can include text, images, etc. HTML tags are the boxes around the content. Sometimes, you have to place boxes inside of another box. Those “inner” boxes are nested inside of others.

Nesting involves putting HTML tags or elements inside other HTML elements in the proper and accurate order. Each element fully contained nested of their parent elements. If you put your code in the wrong order it may not work properly. suppose you have a full block of text that you want bold inside a paragraph, then you will need two HTML elements as well as the text itself. I think this is one of the confusing questions of the HTML interview question. So, Let’s see an example for better understanding.

In the example we have two HTML Tags first is <p> tag and the second one is <strong> tag. Now we can say that <strong> tag is the nested tag of <p> tag.

Q-6: What is the difference between a tag and an element in HTML?

Technically, an HTML element is the collection of start tags, its attributes, an end tag and everything in between. If we talk about Tags, an HTML tag (either opening or closing) is used to show or mark the start or end of an element.

But, in common usage, the condition of HTML element and HTML tag are interchangeable i.e. a tag is an element is a tag. For more clarity, The sake of this website, the terms “tag” and “element” are used to mean the same thing as it will define something on your web page.

I think this is some kind of difficult to understand; this type of question are confusing candidates. that’s why I have included this question in the HTML interview question article.

Q-7: Explain the layout of HTML?

Sometimes, you know how to develop the website design and how to change the layout of HTML. But, Guys you know what is the actual layout of HTML? If you have an idea of this then this is well and good. but if you don’t know then I will tell you in a very easy way.

Every language has a proper layout for good codings and this will affect SEO rankings. So, in this article of the HTML interview question, we will discuss the layout of HTML.

The following are different HTML5 elements that are used to define the different parts of a webpage.

Proper Layout Of HTML

<header>: The header element is used to show the header of the webpage, document, and section.
<nav>: Nav shows navigation links of websites or sections.
<section>: This will explain the section in the document to the search engine.
<article>: It is used to define and showing independent, self-contained articles.
<aside>: aside element is used to define content aside from the content. This is like a sidebar
<footer>: In the last footer will layout. Footer will show the footer of your website or webpage.

Q-8: What is an empty tag? Explain empty tags in HTML.

An “empty tags” of HTML are referred to as HTML coding where the line of code stands alone and the tag is not closed with slash (/) characters. Empty tags are used to insert many items like images, lists, breaks, meta tags, horizontal rules, and hyperlinks. These are bracketed by “<” and “>” characters. if we can talk on outside for the empty tags then, Empty tags do not have any outside content from other programs, and they only contain a single code to place something on a Web page or documents.

Let’s see these examples that make you clear for the HTML interview question. If we talk about Meta Tag then a meta tag shows the Internet browser what characters to display on the screen. For inserting an image the empty tag that puts the image, alternately text, on the screen. A list is an organized text that has one line after another. for the line breakings insert a blank line between paragraphs of text, while a horizontal rule puts a line through text as if it has been crossed through with an editing mark. another major example is a hyperlink is a link to another Web page.

The container tags are another kind of HTML tag. The container tags differ from empty tags, in that case, they import coding from the other sources, and the container tag ends with a slash or “/” character. see the HTML uses empty tags, but XHTML and other similar languages do not do this. If a person forgets to close command in XHTML, the code command does not finish properly.

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I hope the “HTML interview Question” article will help you to crack your interview. If you have any question then you can ask me without any hesitation. you can ask me at any time. I will get you back as soon as possible.

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